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And this is an acceptable option, but I have another way for you – simple and quick, which is the best way.  Start a project in Writer with a keyword that defines the industry or topic category you work with and want to optimize. Such keywords could be, for example: “dress shop”, “electric bikes” or “smart home”, or other similar phrases.  activate the AI ​​content structure generation (this feature is free!) and upload the generated result. Now is the time for analysis. You have before your eyes a whole list of issues that you need to address on your website in a certain topic.

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first, but how to proceed? What Overseas Chinese Data conclusions to draw? I will give some tips and illustrate everything using the example of a “dress shop”. We followed the plan, we have the results in front of us and we analyze what we learned and what is important when working on the visibility of the site in this topic. I’m also aware that I should have a division by dress types, such as mini, pencil, long, or oversized.

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Overseas Chinese Data


importance of a division according to season, type of material (lace, sequins) or silhouette. I note that this topic requires additional tutorial content, which can be hosted on the blog or excerpted Anhui Mobile Phone Number List on the home page. These should cover topics such as: what you need to know before buying a dress in a store, the advantages of buying dresses online and the types of dresses available. In addition, it would be beneficial to blog articles about dress styles, their adaptation to different body types, and the care of materials. From the analysis of the “words”, “rubrics” and “questions” sections, I will select keywords that fit to complete the categories identified in the previous paragraphs.