Features of technical optimization for an

Components of comprehensive promotion of an online store: links in menus and categories Features of technical optimization for an What we will talk about below: Part 1. Where to start promotion and what channels to use? Part 2. online store. Part 3. How to improve your website’s search engine optimization. Part 4. What types of advertising to choose, how to select semantics. Part 5. Methods to increase conversion, work on brand and USP.

The strategy for promoting an online store

How to get more clients Part 1. Competitor Special Data Analysis. Selecting Traffic Channels.  includes several components. In this section, we will consider how to correctly select traffic acquisition channels, keywords, and how to properly optimize a site from a technical perspective. When developing a strategy for promoting an online store, start with analytics, otherwise time and resources will be wasted. Select competitors for analysis A common mistake when promoting an online store in search engines is choosing the wrong competitors.

Competitor analysis is a very

Important stage of optimization. The main Anhui Mobile Phone Number List thing is to understand who to look up to. It is not enough to take the market leader’s website as a basis and copy it. Users trust large brands more, and search engines can “forgive” some mistakes of such websites. But they may not forgive a younger and less popular store. Therefore, choose as competitors such websites that will be approximately equal to you in terms of product range, brand popularity, domain age, and other parameters.