What should I do if I want to order coffee

Many coffee lovers think that they can only start a new day after drinking coffee in the morning. Wouldn’t it be painful if you don’t know English and can’t buy coffee?

What if you go abroad


Well, I have compiled some  Armenia Phone Number List English words that you will definitely need to order coffee, so you can say it no matter what kind of coffee you want to drink!

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Let’s first take a look at the basic flavors and common condiments on the menu!

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Basic flavors on the coffee menu


After you have looked at the Anhui Mobile Phone Number List menu, you can start ordering coffee. If you want a more casual way of ordering, you can say

“Could I have a medium coffee to go?” 或者 “Can I get a large mocha for here?”

“Can I have a medium coffee to go?” / “I’d like a large mocha to drink in the store.”

*If you want to add monotonous ingredients, you can say

“Could I have a medium (coffee) with (sides) in it to go?”

“Can I have a medium (coffee) with (ingredients) to go?”



After you place an order, you may need to answer some detailed questions. How should we answer them?