The government department increased the internship

Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq recently posted a video on his personal. Twitter account, stating that after a cabinet meeting. It agreed to increase the allowance for interns in government departments and related agencies to RM .

Such an increase is great news for interns


He pointed out that the interns’ allowance ranges from nothing to RM 1.60 per hour, which could be around RM 300 per month, to the latest RM 5 per hour, which is around RM 900 per month.


He said the government Sri Lanka Phone Number List had agreed to increase the allowance, which would take effect from September 1, 2019.

I will introduce you to 10 Intern jobs that big companies are looking for.

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If you want to add points to your resume, apply now


Chinese social media intern

Suitable for: Students with a Anhui Mobile Phone Number List Diploma in Marketing or other related degrees, those who can start working immediately, and those who do not need to continue their studies after completing the internship are an additional advantage

Pros: exposure to various marketing tasks, high possibility of conversion to full-time job, unlimited food, 5-day work, close to LRT Kerinchi Station


The grand prize is year of free air tickets

To celebrate Air Asia BIG members reaching 22 million, Air Asia has launched 816 BIG World! Here, you can not only share your Instagram #EarnBIGLiveBIG moments and earn BIG points, but you can also win a year of free flights when you top the leaderboard at the end of the event ! In addition, there are 10 popular prizes of 100,000 BIG points!!



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Companies you may be interested in

Do you think that’s the end of it?

We can also earn 50% extra BIG Points when exploring BIG World!


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Want to win  year of free flights

Follow these 6 easy steps!


Log in with your BIG Member Honduras Phone Number List  account at and create your character.

Follow @airasiabig on Instagram and link your 816 BIG World account and Instagram account.

Post #EarnBIGLiveBIG on Instagram and tag @airasiabig to earn BIG Points (max 1 post per day)

& 5. Explore 816 BIG World and collect more BIG points (share, vote, view buildings)

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As long as you top the leaderboard


, 1 year of free air tickets is yours!


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Don’t tell me about my hidden Anhui Mobile Phone Number List special moves. Want to earn points and get on the leaderboard? You can also do the following 4 steps!

Post on Insta

Vote in 816 Gallery

Share 816 BIG World

Check in at all buildings in 816 World


It is important to develop these abilities

What do you do when you get home from work every day? Take out your phone and browse Facebook or Instagram? As the CEO of Facebook, which you use every day, Mark Zuckerberg believes that life should be more than that.

Not only does he write down a New Year’s resolution for himself every year, but he also devotes a year to achieving it. Not just one year, he has done it for several consecutive years!

He has his own understanding of life and work. He believes that if young people want to succeed in the workplace, they can refer to these 5 points!


Companies you may be interested in

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes


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“If you want to start a business, don’t be afraid of making mistakes.” He has his own understanding of this sentence.

He believes that when you make Greece Phone Number List mistakes, that’s how you learn and gain experience. The biggest question is how do you turn your experience of making mistakes into successful experience, rather than always avoiding mistakes.

“Keep moving toward your goals,” he said, “rather than beating yourself up about making mistakes.”

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Do things with a purpose


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“If you want to start a Anhui Mobile Phone Number List company, don’t just think in this way, but start with the problem. The best companies are always those that are solving the world’s problems.

He believes that “such companies may be regional, but they focus on solving problems and can bring about social change.”

Only by understanding what you are doing and what value you can bring can you persist in your work.

What should I do if I want to order coffee

Many coffee lovers think that they can only start a new day after drinking coffee in the morning. Wouldn’t it be painful if you don’t know English and can’t buy coffee?

What if you go abroad


Well, I have compiled some  Armenia Phone Number List English words that you will definitely need to order coffee, so you can say it no matter what kind of coffee you want to drink!

Companies you may be interested in

Let’s first take a look at the basic flavors and common condiments on the menu!

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Basic flavors on the coffee menu


After you have looked at the Anhui Mobile Phone Number List menu, you can start ordering coffee. If you want a more casual way of ordering, you can say

“Could I have a medium coffee to go?” 或者 “Can I get a large mocha for here?”

“Can I have a medium coffee to go?” / “I’d like a large mocha to drink in the store.”

*If you want to add monotonous ingredients, you can say

“Could I have a medium (coffee) with (sides) in it to go?”

“Can I have a medium (coffee) with (ingredients) to go?”



After you place an order, you may need to answer some detailed questions. How should we answer them?