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You don’t want to make them feel like they’re being stalked. Wording can also be an issue, specifically if it’s too demanding, harsh, or condescending. Avoid phrases that may make customers feel like they’re at fault, especially if they haven’t done anything yet (for example, “If you’re confused, contact us!” vs. “If you have any questions, contact us!”). In addition, using the proper jargon, offering relatable hypothetical situations, and describing scenarios in which your product can help someone are all excellent methods to use when appealing to specific visitors.

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Its users watch over 100 million hours of TV Anhui Mobile Phone Number List shows and movies per day. When divided up between its 62 million members, that averages out to about 96 minutes each. If you’re like most users, that means you’ve probably already had a few binge-watching sessions of your favorite shows. So what should you watch next? Use the chart below to find out – complete with how much time each show takes to watch in its entirety.