Tetra Pak welcomes custom design

Tetra Pak is one of the beverage systems most preferred by consumers due to its safety, safety and practicality, which is why . Tthey are now revolutionizin the sector with personaliz . Pckaging printing. This is possible thank to the collaboration with Flow Beverage, a Canadian company that provides alkaline drinks, focused on the health and well-being of . Consumers, which seeks to ensure that the product not only remains in food, but also advance in design. First custom printing collaboration This is .The brand’s that will be present on its already well-known packaging. Thus, they offer a profitable and environmentally friendly alternative. Tetra Pak Custom Printing is a premium inkjet-bas carton.

First custom printing collaboration

Packagin solution that allows brand to cost-effectively personalize their packaging . without forgetting the environmental benefits of carton packaging. Design that attracts consumers In this Job Function Email Database regard, Pedro Gonçalves, Tetra Pak marketing director for the . United States and Canada, highlighted the importance of responsiveness .In current marketing and capturing consumer trends. Being one of the most important recognitions of the project, the fact that companies that opt ​​for this innovation can promote the creation of promotional activations with vari designs of a single box or collaborations with other brands to attract more consumers each time. Furthermore, if the design is done with an entire marketing campaign.

The first five designs

It can bear fruit in attracting specific consumers with precise advertising strategies . Nicholas Reichenbach, founder and CEO of Flow , mentioned that this collaboration . They are doing with Tetra Pak will have an impact on the design of their brand’s packaging, opening up new . Possibilities in advertising. The first campaign plan is with. Five custom designs inspir by Live Nation Canada , which will soon be available ANHUI Mobile Phone Number List  to consumers, including attendees of the fall’s favorite concerts. Custom design opens the doors to innovation Packaging is an ingenious medium that reflects our commitment to quality.

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