The truth is that as we are close to completing

Years of operation of this cassation appeal. It is noted with concern but without surprise that, frequently the passage of time. Has not led to an improvement in the procedural technique of many preparatory writings. Reaching a point illustrative inflection when. A few months ago, resolving a complaint against the decision of the lower. The truth is that court to have an appeal for cassation as not prepared. The First Section of the Administrative Litigation Chamber took the severe but consequent decision. Apart from rejecting the aforementioned appeal, to transfer the resolution order to the Madrid Bar Association in view of the.

Markedly deficient performance

Legal direction of the appellant, so that it could take it into. Account in order to the organization of the service of the official shift in matters of immigration. Whose applicants have the right to effective legal assistance, as established in article of the Free Legal Assistance Law.In coordination, with the intervention of the General Council of Whatsapp Number List the Legal Profession. The Ministry of Justice. The truth is that the CGPJ and the legal agents and professionals who feel concerned. It is time to seriously and responsibly debate the advisability of establishing a special qualification for lawyers to act professionally in the cassation field, so that this restriction in the practice of law before.

Supreme Court operates as an

Additional entry filter, built not so much from the perspective of the body as on the reinforcement of effective judicial protection and the right of access to the courts of individuals, which will be supported by technical advice of the highest level, in accordance with the preparatory requirements of the current cassation system.A filter that, in addition would result in the protection of the aforementioned. The truth is that guardianship , both from a quantitative point of view, as it is ANHUI Mobile Phone Number List configured as a natural sieve of matters of an exogenous nature, as it comes from codes and standards established by the legal profession itself, and from a qualitative prism, consequently raising the technical level of the papers that access this last instance and, with it and in fair reciprocity, of the resolutions that must respond to them.

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