How does a blogger see advertising integration?

What should brands and bloggers remember to ensure Win-Win collaboration? Firstly, nativeness – the advertising integration content of integrations should not go beyond the general style of the blog and should be focused on the benefit of the audience. The brand gives a clear technical specification that it wants to convey to subscribers. Secondly, targeting – through the right influencer you can communicate with the target audience that is most interested in the product. The third factor is live traffic , when from the blogger’s page you can lead leads to the website, If you can advertise natively through Instagram and TikTok, then on YouTube it’s “head-on” advertising. It also has the advertising integration right to be, but I am more for native advertising. It’s cool when there is a combination on the blog – “warm-up” for advertising, as we call it.

Accounts means to repeat advertising integration

And the last thing is feedback – after integration in the influencer’s account, the general reaction of the audience and reviews are visible. Influencer marketing can be done as an informative advertisement. Therefor, as a media story that has recognition Buy Bulk SMS Service through TV channels. For example, 1+1 presenter Solomiya Vitvitskaya was given a dress, which she advertised on her blog and went on air in it. The dress brand talks about this on its channels and launches targeted advertising. This is already a cool case of how advertising works. Therefor, Brands send the media person things to wear.

This secret advertising integration

On how to advertise your brand for free. How to build cooperation ANHUI Mobile Phone Number List correctly? What do brands necessarily advertising integration take into account when ordering advertising? The brand needs to define integration goals. If you want to give recognition, you can advertise through celebrities. For example, a Ukrainian brand that sewed a jacket with golden spikelets for the filming of a video for the group Tvorchi ( Ukrainian musical duet – editor’s note ). After this, the item became very popular on social networks and the demand for it increased. This is an example of a cool celebrity collaboration. 

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